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Emotional bodywork

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Conscious­ness Expanding & Body

                With Emotional Bodywork we make a transformative and spiritual journey inwards. In this experience and body-oriented session you will discover your body as your natural source. You learn to make space and to be present in your body and to relax in it, knowing it better and following that information. By means of specific physical exercises such as meditations, breathwork, discharge exercises, and massages you will reconnect with stored tensions. The idea behind this holistic approach is based on the fact that psychological tensions are experienced physically: body and mind influence each other. You learn to accept emotions that have blocked you for years and you will appreciate their positive function. From this acceptance, frozen emotional energy can melt.

                Together we investigate with which methods you would like to work, as a client you are always in the lead. We work in a massage room, we are wearing loose-fitting clothes so we can move more easily. Each session starts with a short check-in, in which we make agreements about our intentions and boundaries.

                A massage session is a form of deep bodywork. In a safe way we go in, layer by layer. Both joy and pain are being touched. e go to places where the solidified movement can start flowing again. With a combination of breathwork and spontaneous unwinding movements, stuck patterns in your body will release. We are making an inner and emotional journey where you will feel a new consciousness in your body.