Nature & Earth

Nature Connectedness

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Conscious­ness expansion & Earth

                In a Nature & Earth session we go into nature, we open all our senses. We connect with nature to initiate a process of rediscovering our natural self. In developing our own vigor it is important to start from the roots. We do this literally. We take the time to look at, touch and feel nature with attention. For example, is it soft, hard or flexible? And how does that relate to your coaching question? By examining nature in layers, we connect more deeply with our own layers.

               In my view, we are part of nature and so is our psyche. We often make a distinction between outer nature and our inner self, but that is actually an illusion. Our skin is connected to the air around it. Our eyes are inseparable from what we see. When we connect deeply with nature outside us, we automatically connect deeply with nature inside us.

               This session gives you insights on a path to growth, development and meaning. It will bring you in contact with nature on a way you never approached it before. Automatically nature will unfold. Suddenly nature no longer will be a thing or something that is outside of, you will be interested in what nature wants to tell you. This work is the backbone of my coaching practice and is where we always start. It gives vitality and well-being to find answers to your coaching questions together with nature.