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Men's embodiment & Nature connectedness

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Experience the transformative power of nature and come home to your natural self. Start an inner journey with your question as a starting point. Connect with your body and mind as the source where the natural can be experienced and gain insights on a path to growth, development, and meaning.

                Thank you for your interest in my coaching and therapy practice for men. It's good that you got moving, so that your question or issue no longer hinders you. During a trajectory, I guide you with inspiration to get more clarity about your growth, development themes, and meaning. In this, you will get started with yourself in nature, and I will guide you through it. The layering of nature is an important source of inspiration for me to look at your personal issues with the same layering. And it helps us go into depth more easily to get a better view of your patterns.

               One of my specialties is trauma processing. With compassion and warmth, we begin by expanding your consciousness. Getting more space and peace is an important first step that is necessary to be able to work on your issue. I have helped men with burnout complaints, depressive thoughts, shame, PTSD, consequences of abuse (physical, mental, or sexual) and neglect, grief processing, and fear of failure.

               Through my holistic approach, you will experience that everything is connected. And that mental and physical well-being are interrelated. As an applied eco-psychologist, I have developed three methods that I have integrated. This has resulted in a unique trajectory rooted in the experience and world of men.

               Men need other men to fully develop their own masculinity. I am experienced in guiding men between the ages of 25 and 50. Of course, I am flexible with this age limit, but my expertise lies in guiding men in their middle years. It is useful to explore specific themes that you, as a man, struggle with with another man. Such as filling in your fatherhood in relation to your own father and the expectations towards men in society. Or more personally: How can I be strong and vulnerable at the same time, how can I get closer to my feelings, I operate on a shoestring, but can't turn the tide. Or: What else inspires me?

               An average trajectory consists of six sessions. I use the universal symbol for movement and spirituality, the spiral. During the first session, we move inward to get to the core of your questions or issues as clearly as possible. With the follow-up sessions, we move outward so that you can apply the insights you have gained in your living environment. All you need is the motivation and curiosity to want to work with nature, body, and spirit.

               We always start with a free telephone intake of 25 minutes. Experience shows that it is important to look at each other, which is why we do that with a video call. During this conversation, we both investigate whether there is a click. If so, I invite you to get moving right away. I work in the Netherlands and France. When we start working in the Netherlands, a session lasts an average of 2 hours. The sessions then take place outside in nature or in a professional massage or coaching room in Amsterdam.

               It is also possible to follow a unique six-day course on our ecological farm in the south of France. We start there on Monday afternoon and end on Saturday morning. This trajectory is more intensive because, in addition to the compact sequence of sessions, you also participate in our ecological project. Here we rethink our relationship with the ecosystem and explore how we can positively contribute to solutions aimed at a sustainable future and, therefore, ourselves.

Bastiaan Everink

Men’s embodiment & Nature connectedness