Bastiaan Everink

Nederlandse versie

Coach, Therapist & Mentor

                My name is Bastiaan Everink, born in the summer of 1969 in Enschede. I am the proud father of a son and a daughter in a rainbow family. I live in Amsterdam and on our ecological farm in South France with my husband, with whom I have been happily together for a long time. I have a background as a former Marine and (Iraq) veteran, a job in which I felt completely at home for five years. However, I decided to follow my heart to become an opera singer ( After studying at the conservatory, I sang at a high level as a soloist in the world's major opera houses for twenty-five years. The birth of our children was a turning point, as I became increasingly concerned about the health of our planet. It became more and more important for me to contribute positively to a healthy and sustainable planet to pass on to my children. Together with my partner, we are the founders and owners of the eco-habitat Laferme sur Besorgues. In 2018 I delved back into the books, and three years later, I graduated as an applied eco-psychologist. During my studies I also specialized in trauma and PTSD because I wanted to help my former colleagues from the military.

                It's a fantastic experience to feel what a sense of belonging into nature does with you. I delved into it myself when I began to experience nature as my essential home. This pleasant and intense feeling of belonging comes from rediscovering the natural connection with the wonders of the earth. I enjoy awakening this connection as a guide in others. Therefore, I approach developmental themes not only from personal happiness or success but frame them as much as possible in terms of meaning and connection with the ecosystem, our web of life.

                At crucial crossroads in my life, I chose to seek a mentor. His lived experiences provided me with valuable insights. It's satisfying to have reached a phase where I can share experiences and insights, igniting awareness in others. Reducing a client to an object in need of help doesn't align with my holistic vision. Guidance is not a trick but an authentic process that unfolds between the client and me. In guiding and coaching, I have extensive experience. It started as an instructor in the Marine Corps and as a vocal coach/teacher at the conservatory. For the past seven years, I have been leading meaningful retreats and sharing circles at our ecological living project in France. In recent years, I have increasingly specialized as a body-oriented therapist and trauma coach. I enjoy being in a new phase of my life, a delightful stage of celebrating, harvesting, and sharing. I look with amazement at the coherence and space that has emerged with bringing my work as a coach, therapist & mentor into the world.