Nederlandse versie

In my perspective, we are part of nature, and so is our psyche. Often, we distinguish nature from our inner selves, but in reality, that's an illusion. My skin is connected to the surrounding air, and my eyes are inseparable from what I see. Therefore, we are always connected to our ecological environment.

                Every coaching query, as far as I'm concerned, arises from an imbalance in the relationship between the body, mind, and your ecological environment. I am interested in how we can restore this imbalance within yourself in relation to your ecological surroundings. The ecosystem includes your family, living and/or working situation, and nature. Imbalances are always felt in your body. The only way to change your feelings is by becoming aware of your inner experience and learning to reconcile with what is happening inside you.

                Only when you feel a connection with the bigger picture and wish to contribute to that larger whole does sustainability arise, and there is a sense of purpose. Giving meaning and contributing to the larger whole is crucial for experiencing fulfilment and psychological well-being. The search for meaning is a fundamental human need. Our well-being is intimately connected to the well-being of others, nature, and our ecosystem. Our health depends on the health of the planet, and vice versa.